Prairie River Camp

June 18-22. South Central Minnesota

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Who Can Attend YFC Camp?

Any student who has completed 6th, 7th, or 8th grade that school year is welcome to come to camp. Regular attendance at Campus Life weekly clubs is NOT required to go to camp.  

What Can You Expect at YFC Camp?

You can expect to have an awesome week of adventure away from the normal routine and distractions of home. To help everyone fully engage in camp and be spared from the angst of lost, broken, or stolen phones, tablets, etc., all electronic devices will be safely stored upon arrival at camp. Students are allowed to have their devices on the ride to and from camp, but while at camp it's very important to be unplugged.

Also, extra money is not necessary. The camp cost covers all activities and outings and you can bring your own snacks, but if you'd like to buy any treats from the Canteen or any apparel from the camp store, students may bring some spending money. We recommend not bringing a large amount though. Snacks range from $1-$4 and camp apparel ranges from $10-$25. 

A camp nurse is on staff and on site the entire week. The camp nurse will distribute any medications (prescription or over-the-counter drugs). All medications must be in their original containers, labeled with the student's name, dosage amount, etc., and turned in upon arrival at camp.

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