Archives: February 2014

Tasia Jumps for Jesus

2/27/2014 in Category Campus Life

One of the girls impacted on the Minnesota trip was Tasia. At the beginning of the trip, Tasia was not making healthy choices. She lashed out in extreme anger toward other students on the... More

Sarah, A Young Leader with heart

2/27/2014 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

Sarah is a young leader who just a

ccepted Christ this past summer before coming on a mission trip with us. When she got back, we met and talked about her being a part of our... More

I am Free!

2/20/2014 in Category Teen Parents

“I Am Free!” Ava is a girl who has been involved with Teen Parents for several years. She has come faithfully with her boyfriend and daughter. After years of being in a relationship with... More

Thankful Mom

2/13/2014 in Category Campus Life

Recently, as I dropped a student (who I meet with once a week) off at her house, I talked with her mom and asked if she had
money for her daughter to go ice skating with us. She replied More


2/6/2014 in Category Campus Life

At a Campus Life conference held in Denver, Colorado, two North Star students rededicated their lives to Christ! One of those students, Marx, has really struggled during his teen years to... More