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A lunch table conversation brings in a friend to Bible study.

3/30/2015 in Category Campus Life

I've been leading a small group Bible study with a group of high school girls.  These girls were talking at their lunch table about what we were discussing in our study, and one of their... More

One life changed now changing others.

3/23/2015 in Category Campus Life

After our Campus Life high school ski trip one of our senior guys, Cameron, was passionate about starting a small group Bible study with the guys from his room.  He talked to his room... More

She didn’t really let anyone in until He changed that.

3/19/2015 in Category Teen Parents

Truly babies raising a baby.

Zaikai and her boyfriend, Nevin, are sophomores in high school and they have a four-month-old baby boy. Zaikai attends school in Lincoln; Nevin lives in... More