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Give to reaching lost kids for Jesus. Give to YFC.

5/28/2015 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

Every gift given through the annual Give to Lincoln Day campaign will help us claim a portion of a $300,000 matching gift! The Lincoln Community... More

Trips Make a Difference; Minnesota Trip is Happening Right Now!

5/25/2015 in Category Campus Life

Nicole sat in the back of the van, riding to ski trip with people she didn't know. Nicole was quiet; she never started conversation with any other kids, just sat in the back of the van with... More

A Lot of Miles Left

5/19/2015 in Category Teen Parents

My friend and I have spent hours training together. We each run with just one headphone in so we can talk when we have enough oxygen to do so. We check in with each other every mile or so... More

She reached out to Jesus that night.

5/14/2015 in Category Campus Life

GOD IS GOOD. On April 13, I had the opportunity to flat out share the Gospel with about 40 kids. After that, and a summary of what we had been learning in past weeks, we split into girls... More

At least that’s what appears on the surface

5/5/2015 in Category Campus Life

Imagine yourself sitting in a coffee shop.  Across the table from you is Trey who seems to be a normal 17-year-old junior in high school. He is consumed with the business of schoolwork,... More