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We were there.

10/30/2017 in Category Teen Parents

We were there

when she found out she was pregnant
when she became estranged from her family
when she lived with her child in the shelter
when she broke up with her boyfriend
when she started... More


10/24/2017 in Category Campus Life

Kyle, a student who’s in a Christian Heritage foster care home, joined us for high school camp.

We met him the day of the trip so it makes sense that he was really quiet and off by... More

Status: In a Relationship

10/17/2017 in Category Campus Life

Jack only came to camp because his girlfriend was going.

Throughout the week, Jack and one of our Campus Life leaders, Seth, had a lot of good talks about relationships. At the end of the... More

Drawing Closer to Jesus

10/10/2017 in Category Campus Life

“No.” She wasn’t interested in accepting Jesus.

Raina is a pretty straightforward kind of gal.  Her honesty and spunk are contagious. Mid-week at the high school’s YFCamp this summer, a... More

One Step Forward

10/3/2017 in Category Campus Life

It was my first day working at Culler Middle School as a para-educator.

Around 1:00 p.m., I went to the room I thought I was assigned to (God orchestrates all things), and I saw that a... More