Parent Life Update

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Parent Life ministers in the world of teen parents through multiple avenues: Tuesday night Parent Life meetings, parenting classes at two local high schools, special events, and small groups, not to mention the one-on-one appointments. 

Here are mini-version updates of what's happening at each connecting point. 

At our Tuesday Night programming this semester, we are talking about Jesus: who He is, what He did on earth, His death and resurrection, and what that means for us. Pray that God would clarify our messages so that we are speaking truth in a clear and easy to understand way. Most of our students don't know the full story of Jesus.

At Lincoln High School, Annie Rohde took some cookies and frosting made by Glenda Plettner-Nelson and the class made (and ate) Valentine's cookies. Taking activities to Lincoln High helps build relationships and makes the class a little less intimidating. The other week Annie was at Lincoln High, she talked about our strengths and how we normally dwell about our weaknesses. The same strengths lesson was taught at Northeast High School. The other week at Northeast, our Parent Life staff talked about values and how our values are shaped by our families and peers, but that we can also have different values from our family and peer group.

Parent Life only had a couple small groups in February due to the weather/roads, but in a way it was a blessing because the two nights where only one young mother was able to come, it was exactly the person our staff had been hoping to talk with. Each evening, our staff walked away feeling like they were able to understand where that student was a little better.

Our special event this month was our Valentine's Party complete with painting and pizza.  Conversations while doing an activity can be the most genuine. It was such a valuable evening.

Several of our students have had babies this past month. Pray that their little ones remind them of the One who created them and loves them desperately. Also pray that doors of relationship would be widened with these students, N, N, and K. We are praising God for the new tiny lives of A, A, K, and A! (Yes, that's twins for one of our mamas.)

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